MuleSoft Integration with DocuSign Part 1

Priya Shaw
3 min readJul 28, 2023
MuleSoft Integration with DocuSign Part 1

‣What is DocuSign ?

DocuSign is a leading cloud-based electronic signature platform that helps businesses automate their document workflows. DocuSign’s eSignature solution allows businesses to send, sign, track, and manage agreements electronically. DocuSign is a secure, legally binding, and widely accepted solution for businesses of all sizes.

‣Benefits of MuleSoft Integration with DocuSign:

  • Automate your document workflows: MuleSoft can automate your document workflows by sending documents to DocuSign for eSignature, tracking the status of signatures, and notifying users when documents are complete.
  • Improve efficiency: MuleSoft can help you improve efficiency by eliminating the need to print, scan, and mail documents. This can save you time and money.
  • Increase productivity: MuleSoft can help you increase productivity by allowing you to focus on other tasks while DocuSign handles the eSignature process.
  • Improve compliance: MuleSoft can help you improve compliance by ensuring that documents are signed and stored securely.

‣Use Cases for MuleSoft Integration with DocuSign:

  • Sales: You can use MuleSoft to automate the sales process by sending contracts to DocuSign for eSignature. This can help you close deals faster and improve customer satisfaction.
  • HR: You can use MuleSoft to automate the onboarding process by sending employee paperwork to DocuSign for eSignature. This can help you onboard new employees faster and improve compliance.
  • Finance: You can use MuleSoft to automate the invoice approval process by sending invoices to DocuSign for eSignature. This can help you improve cash flow and reduce costs.

🎥Meetup Session/ YouTube Recording

I have delivered a meetup on this topic. You can watch it on YouTube below

👉 Build Your First DocuSign Integration with MuleSoft — Part 1

How to Integrate MuleSoft with DocuSign:

To integrate MuleSoft with DocuSign, you will need to create a DocuSign account and obtain the DocuSign API credentials. You can then use the MuleSoft DocuSign connector to connect to DocuSign and automate your document workflows.

‣ DocuSign Integration using REST API

‣ DocuSign Integration using DocuSign Connector


MuleSoft integration with DocuSign can help you automate your document workflows and improve efficiency, productivity, and compliance. By integrating these two platforms, you can streamline your document processes and focus on other tasks.

This completes the demonstration of the MuleSoft integration with the DocuSign API & DocuSign Connector.

➣You can read about the other DocuSign API endpoints which you can use based on your different buisness requirements.

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